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Florida Cabling Contractor

Florida Cabling Contractor

Florida Server Rooms: Rack Installation & Clean-Up

Florida Server RoomsIt is important to keep Florida server rooms clean and organized to minimize damage and potential hazards to safety and technical efficiency. Limit down time and potential threats to your system with the help of the experts at Cablenet Solutions. We offer server room rack installation as well as server room clean-up services to help you stay ahead of the game and on top of your network.

While Florida server rooms are often small and out of the way, never apply the "out of sight, out of mind" principle to your server room. Keeping Florida server rooms cool and organized is the key to maintaining productivity and everyday business operations for companies that rely heavily on technology to function.

Server room cleaning requires more than a basic dusting - this is an area that needs specialize cleaning, such as thorough cleaning of the floor voids, ceiling voids, floor tiles, internal and external of racks, high level cable trays, ethernet trunking, A/C units, PDU's, doors and ledges. Not to mention, all accessible raised floor tiles should be neutralized during the server room cleaning process, eliminating any static electricity build up. At Cablenet Solutions we pay close attention to all the little details, making sure any cables, connections, sensors, piping and fire suppression systems are thoroughly sanitized and inspected. As part of the decontamination process, all stringers and pedestal surfaces have been wiped clean and all build-up removed. This will protect your investment from system failures caused by lack of maintenance.

Let Cablenet Solution, your professional Florida cabling contractor, provide you with the maintenance and installation services you need to keep your server room in top shape.

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