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What To Know About CCTV & IP Surveillance Systems

CCTV security cameras are closed circuit analog television cameras. They are the portion of a video surveillance system that allows you to monitor and record your commercial building. Your CCTV security camera system may include a camera, display monitor, recording devices and more that are directly connected and operated by your electrical system.

An IP camera is a digital video camera which is used in surveillance systems. Unlike CCTV cameras, they are connected to a computer network and the internet. The camera receives and sends video data and then allows you to access it through an internet connection. You can use a smart phone, on-location computer, laptop, or tablet to monitor the cameras. The IP camera is an important modern feature that you want to have for any business.

Your commercial or industrial business can be fitted with a CCTV or IP surveillance system that monitors and secures your building against any type of criminal or undesirable behavior. Surveillance and security are a necessity for every business.

As experienced cabling contractors, Cablenet Solutions has helped many business owners with their surveillance and security needs over the last 25 years. Once your security system design has been configured, you will then need all the wiring and surveillance equipment installed. Whether you are planning a video surveillance system for the interior, exterior or interior and exterior, all areas of your commercial property need to be safe and secure.

The Benefits of CCTV & IP Surveillance Systems.

  • Monitoring traffic
  • Visual records of human activity
  • Maintaining perimeter security
  • Private Surveillance
  • Criminal Behavior Deterrent
  • Secured Documents
  • Secured Equipment or Assets

Surveillance System Design & Install

If you need a surveillance camera system or video surveillance system set up for your commercial building, you need a cabling contractor who can design the system properly so you have strategically placed cameras which can capture the footage and convey it through your system network of private monitors.

Your system may include monitoring stations, cameras, broadcast equipment, networking, and other components. A good design ensures your commercial property is covered at all angles where you need security monitoring. Your business surveillance system will need to be set up in the right configuration to ensure that certain areas are able to be monitored by security cameras. Your security camera or video surveillance needs may involve designing a simple system or something more complex.

For any type of surveillance system design, you need an experienced and trusted cabling contractor to provide the right configuration which sufficiently handles your specific and unique surveillance needs.

Cablenet Solutions, Inc. is your surveillance system cabling contractor in Florida. When you come to us for your cabling needs including surveillance system design and installation, our expert cabling contractors are the ones you can trust. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, you have a reliable team with an extensive understanding of commercial cabling and wiring systems. Our cabling contractors are available for commercial and industrial surveillance system design, installation, and repairs.

As professional cabling contractors in Florida with a good local reputation, our team is dedicated to serving our community and providing business owners first class service. When you trust us for your surveillance system design and installation, you will have exactly what you need.

  • CCTV Cameras
  • IP Cameras
  • Remote Access Cameras
  • Surveillance Monitoring Stations

Surveillance System Repairs

If you already have a surveillance system in place and need a cabling contractor for repairs, we'll be glad to help you. There are times when you have old wiring or need switches repaired or replaced. There may be a point when you want to add onto the system or make changes and upgrades. You could need panel upgrades, wiring repair or replacement or a network properly configured. Whatever your surveillance system repair needs are, our experienced cabling contractors in Florida are here to assist you.

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