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Fiber Optic Cables: Their Major Pros and Cons

fiber optic cables

Are fiber optic cables right for you? That depends on how you feel about the downsides they offer. What are those downsides, and do their upsides make up for them? Well, you’ll have to answer that question yourself, and to answer it, you need to know the major pros and cons of fiber optic cables.

Don’t worry: We’re not leaving all the work in your hands. We’ll help you out by listing some of the major pros and cons you can expect from fiber optic cables. With this information, you’ll be able to definitely decide whether fiber optic are the right cable choice for your Fruitland Park home.

Fiber Optic Cons

We’ll go ahead and get the cons out of the way. After all, fiber optic cables really offer only a couple of downsides. Still, it’s important that you know what those downsides are. So, before you get fiber optic, just know that you’ll also be getting the following qualities:

  • High Cost, Especially at the Outset - In this world, nothing great comes cheap, and the same goes for your fiber optic cables. This option costs a bit more than others do, and its initial install cost can set you back a ways. Still, if you can bear the cost, you’ll find a lot to love in fiber optics.
  • A Delicate Design That Breaks Easily - This is really only a problem during the installation process, but it could be a pretty big problem if your cables need to go into tight areas. Fiber optic lines tend to bend and break more easily than copper options do, so with this kind of cabling, you could experience issues related to these breakages at some point down the line.

Fiber Optic Pros

If you can get past those two downsides, you’ll find a lot to love with fiber optic cables. After all, with this Internet cabling option, you can enjoy a number of absolutely wonderful qualities – qualities such as . . .

  • Unparalleled Speed - We live in busy times. There is work to done and information to send and receive, and we hardly have the time or the patience to wait to get all that done. If you’re looking for internet cabling that offers excellent speed, you need to look to none other than fiber optics.
  • Excellent Reliability - In a professional setting, reliable Internet can make the difference between productivity and loss of business. So, as you get your business outfitted with Internet cabling, you need to keep reliability firmly in mind. For that purpose, you can’t do much better than fiber optic cables.
  • Light, Thin Design - When you shop around for new cables, the physical size of them is likely to be one of the furthest things from your mind. However, you should certainly consider this quality, as very large cables can require extra structural work when installed in large numbers. Fortunately, with this light-weight option, you can avoid that headache altogether.

Call Our Fruitland Park Cabling Contractors for Your Fiber Optics Needs Today

So, you know the pros and cons that fiber optics has to offer – and you’ve decided that the pros far outweigh the cons. Fantastic! Now all that’s left is to call Cablenet Solutions. Our Fruitland Park cabling contractors will outfit your business with fiber optics cables that will allow you to enjoy the most reliable Internet in no time.

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